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Electric Avenue

April, 13, 2016

We ditched the Portland rain and headed to fabulous Las Vegas to bask in the sunshine and enjoy the beautiful desert views. Nestled in between the humbling Red Rocks and the vibrant buzz of the city is the amazing Neon Museum. Our adventure led us to this magical place where iconic signs from casinos and other local attractions live out there final days in peace. The Neon Museum has done a wonderful job at reviving the life of these highly significant pieces from the heart and culture of Las Vegas.
Step into festival season with our top Spring/Summer looks from Artifact Creative Recycle. Kimonos, turquoise, fringe and cut offs, just what a girl needs for her wanderlust adventures!
Location: The Neon Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada
Models: Kelly Ln, Vicieuxx
Clothing & Styling: Artifact Creative Recycle

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