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World Recycle Week

April, 18, 2016

World Recycle Week (April 18-24) is a global H&M initiative and is part of their goal to close the loop in fashion and recycle unwanted garments to create recycled textile fibers for new clothes. During this year’s World Recycle Week, H&M aims to collect 1,000 tons of garments by customers donating their unwanted clothing. To help raise awareness, M.I.A. has filmed an exclusive new music video for H&M, showcasing the environmental impact of clothes going to landfills around the world. We're loving the message, the video and H&M for making this happen!

Before you donate your clothes to H&M, stop by Artifact first to make some dough. Upcycle before you recycle!

Check out M.I.A.'s song "Rewear It", exclusively made for H&M's World Recycle Week.

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