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Mother's Day With Leah

April, 25, 2016

Who is the best #Bosslady of them all? My mother of course!

Hot chocolate in hand, back seat of our Toyota truck full to the brim, my mom and I had just completed our Saturday morning garage sale list. This list is handwritten, copied down from the Classified pages of The Oregonian. She would drive and I would hold the map, yes, an actual paper map. At first our outings started out with bribery to get me to go with her on early mornings, I was maybe 9 or 10 years old. But as the years rolled on I wanted to go with her. It was exciting to never know what we might find. As all good things happen in life her rise to #Bosslady was a slow progression, learning what she knows now along the way. She progressed from being a garage sale maven, to a full time consignor at Oogla Plentium which turned into Great Gatherings, until she opened Village Merchants in 1998. Eighteen years later she has become a staple in the Portland community and helped grow the plentitude of Portland consignment shops, including my own, Artifact Creative Recycle. My mother has been my greatest example. Today, coffee in hand, full size van full to the brim, we still enjoy going out garage saling together. The desire for the 'hunt and gather' in us never ceases and the thrill of finding the perfectly worn leather bag still burns bright within us. Here's to many more years of treasure hunting and sharing excited eyes over an incredible find.Love you #bosslady Mama.

Happy Mother's Day! XO-Leah

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