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Mother's Day with Cora

April, 27, 2016

Hello, I'm Cora - social media and marketing woman behind @artifactpdx and #bosslady at Camp Wolf. That goofy guy next to me is Miles Waylon Wolf - my partner in crime!

My journey into becoming a #girlboss and a mother came hand and hand. I started Camp Wolf to make unique clothing for children, work from home and be with my son every day. What a gift! This sweet boy has gone to every fabric store, seamstress appointment and meeting with me since day one. He's a regular at Artifact and is always up for an adventure for work.

I'm lucky enough to have the ultimate #bosslady to look up to - my mama, my hero. Growing up, she owned an antique mall for over 15 years, attended school at night to become an antique appraiser and set up shop, almost every weekend, at The Rose Bowl Swap Meet - all while being a single mother to my sister and me. She never stopped hustling for us and I will never stop hustling for my son. That's what motherhood is. You work long nights, you get up early, you never ever give up on yourself and your family and if you're lucky, you end up passing those skills and passion onto your child, like my mother did to me.

Happy Mother's Day to all you hard working mamas out there! Kick up your heels, have breakfast in bed and sit still enough to be treated like a queen - you deserve it!

XO- Cora

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