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DIY: Fabric Flower Pot

March, 28, 2016

Looking for a fun Spring project? We've got you covered with an easy makeover for your plant babies. Follow our step-by-step tutorial on how to transform a basic flower pot into a beautiful piece of art!
Team Artifact
Supplies: Any kind of fabric, Flower pot or tin can, Hot glue gun, Scissors
Step 1. Cut fabric to size of pot. Leave an inch and half allowance in your fabric.
Step 2. Use your hot glue gun to start gluing inch by inch around your pot.
Step 3. After the entire body is glued, fold the top fabric inside the pot and securely glue.
Step 4. Voila, your beautiful flower pot is now transformed and ready for your favorite plants and flowers!
Try using your new and improved flower pot as a pen holder or a catch-all container for your desk.
Your can find a basic metal pot at Home Depot or recycle an old peanut can from home!

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