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Consignor Spotlight: Char

January, 31, 2017

Consignor spotlight featuring Artifact's top sellers.
We are thrilled to introduce Consignor Spotlight, where we showcase a rotation of our top sellers and consignors at Artifact Creative Recycle. Without our ever-growing family of consignors, Artifact would not be the thriving local hub for eclectic worldly goods that it has become!
Get to know our wonderful sellers and find out what drives these movers & shakers!
Consignor spotlight featuring Artifact's top sellers.

Meet Char O'Neill

Artifact: How long have you been treasure hunting? 
Char: I have been treasure hunting since I was a child with my grandmothers. I have always loved the old.
Artifact: Do you specialize in certain items?
Char: I collect Maxfield Parrish lithographs, Santos and ethnic art and artifacts. I especially love 18th and 19th century primitives and have a nice collection.
Artifact: What is the best treasure you've picked?
Char:The best treasure I have found is an early hand carved and signed cotton rake that is probably 200 years old and museum quality.
Artifact: What does up-cycling mean to you?
Char: Upcycling has always been a way to put the discarded to functional use. I have a very rustic sled as a coffee table and we rarely put anything in the landfill. There are so many ways to rework things that are seen as if they are worthless. It's about preventing waste, valuing quality, workmanship and imagination.
Artifact: Why do you sell recycled goods? 
Char: I sell recycled goods because it is my passion. Initially I wanted to support my own habit of collecting but surprisingly, now we are able to travel extensively and find wonderful things to sell and collect along the way.
Artifact: What inspires you?
Char: I am inspired by all the beauty around me. The people I love, the antique gate bells that announce arriving guests and the magic of seeing, really seeing what and who are on our path.
Artifact: What is your advice to your younger self and older self?
Char: Be in the moment! We really miss so many lovely people, beautiful experiences and things when we are too consumed by life. Really look and you will see!
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