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Consignor Spotlight: Laurel

January, 13, 2017

Consignor spotlight featuring Artifact's top sellers.

We are thrilled to introduce Consignor Spotlight, where we showcase a rotation of our top sellers and consignors at Artifact Creative Recycle. Without our ever-growing family of consignors, Artifact would not be the thriving local hub for eclectic worldly goods that it has become!
Get to know our wonderful sellers and find out what drives these movers & shakers!

Consignor spotlight featuring Artifact's top sellers.

Meet Laurel Brown

Artifact: How long have you been treasure hunting? 
Laurel: I have always loved a bargain, I feel like I've won when I find something for almost nothing. My obsession with vintage started when I was 16. I had tried looking like everyone else with my American eagle and blonde hair but I never felt like myself. The cool (alternative) older girl in my school took me to value village one day and my whole world opened up. All of a sudden my unique finds made me feel unique, my whole personality developed after this point.

Artifact: Do you specialize in certain items?
Laurel: I deal in almost all vintage from the 40's through 70's. My taste in furniture tends to lean more towards classic mid century designs, high quality and well made. When it comes to the accessories, the crazier the better! I love pieces that tell a story and let your imagination run wild. I love bright colors, fun textures, and tons of character. 

Artifact: What is the best treasure you've picked?
Laurel: My favorite treasures change almost daily. I get most excited when I find a record I've been hunting for, or a unique piece of clothing in a color or print I haven't seen before. I also recently bought a Tretchikoff print that I've wanted forever and now I feel my life is complete (for now).
Artifact: What does up-cycling mean to you? 
Laurel: To me, up cycling is a way of "sharing the love". I find so much amazing stuff on my thrifting adventures, there is no way I could keep it all. I used to buy and sell vintage for a living, but now I just do it because I have a passion for the treasure hunt.
Artifact: Why do you sell recycled goods? 
Laurel: There is so much amazing stuff that already exists in the world, buying mass produced poor quality modern items seems so wasteful to me. If people would just have patience, the perfect piece will come along.
Artifact: What inspires you?

Laurel: I just love being surrounded by beauty. I've worked in fashion, interior design, and I'm a hairstylist. The world can be such an ugly place, I choose to make my environment an all around inspiration. Floor to ceiling, head to toe. I try to control what little I can in my world.
Artifact: What is your advice to your younger self and older self?
Laurel: I wish I would have known from day one that there is no mold for me to fit in to. As soon as I started embracing my quirky side I became so much more confident. I wear what I want, I do what I want, I feel how I want to feel, I'm just true to myself. You cannot do that when you're trying to blend in. I hope as I grow older I continue to break through any barriers I've set for myself, and truly let my freak flag fly. Why the hell not? We only get one life to live, I won't live mine for anyone but me to judge.


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