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Consignor Spotlight: Lauren

January, 31, 2017

Consignor spotlight featuring Artifact's top sellers.
We are thrilled to introduce Consignor Spotlight, where we showcase a rotation of our top sellers and consignors at Artifact Creative Recycle. Without our ever-growing family of consignors, Artifact would not be the thriving local hub for eclectic worldly goods that it has become!
Get to know our wonderful sellers and find out what drives these movers & shakers!

Consignor spotlight featuring Artifact's top sellers.

Meet Lauren Edmonds

Artifact: How long have you been treasure hunting? 
Lauren: Since the womb! Nah- but basically. I grew up going to yard sales with my dad. I was always so enamored by the process. I became hooked on the hustle and grind.
Artifact: Do you specialize in certain items?
Lauren: Definitely clothing. I'm currently seeking out all the 90's gems! 
Artifact: What is the best treasure you've picked?
Lauren: 1978 Rolling Stones tee!
Artifact: What does up-cycling mean to you? 
Lauren: It's my hustle. I'm constantly flipping my closet. I can't stand clutter or stagnant items in my wardrobe.
Artifact: Why do you sell recycled goods? 
Lauren: I'm hooked on thrifting and it's an added bonus to be able to help support my family with my passion. It's a total win/win!
Artifact: What inspires you?
Lauren: My girls! And maybe a good latte... 
Artifact: What is your advice to your younger self and older self?
Lauren: Younger self: Don't worry about the bullshit. Older self: Take your vitamins & don't worry about the BULLSHIT!
If you or someone you know would like to be featured in our Consignor Spotlight, Home Tour, or Store Tour design files, please send us a note with an introduction and sample photos:

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