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Home Tour: Anna Margaret

March, 8, 2017

Home Tour with Anna Margaret of Le Souk Le Souk!

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way... things I had no words for.” - Georgia O'Keeffe 

Today we're stepping inside the magical home of Anna Margaret, owner of Le Souk Le Souk. Tucked within a lavish green neighborhood, we found Anna's stunning A-Frame sanctuary of treasures and textiles from around the globe.

Anna has been a Portland business owner since 2010, selling exquisite home goods and beautifully made staples for any wardrobe. Her home represents a well curated collection of exotic textiles, treasured family art and a jungle of lush plants.

Take a peek inside this gorgeous wonderland and enjoy all the exciting beauty this home has to share!

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A-Frame jungalow

Green velvet couch, moroccan poofs, plants

Indigo mudcloth fabric, hanging plants, A Frame home Green velvet couch, vintage rug
Artifact: How long  have you been selling textiles and beautiful garments?
Anna: I started selling my own handmade items on Etsy in 2008- mostly jewelry, kid’s clothes and home decor. I saved my pennies and opened my first brick and mortar, Branch Birdie in 2010 focusing on gifts, home decor and globally sourced textiles…in 2015 I opened Le Souk Le Souk and refocused on slow fashion apparel lines all designed by women, personally sourced rugs and textiles and small brand accessories. Everything I WANT in my home and closet can now be shared with others on my website. It’s pretty much a dream job!
Dining Room, hanging chair, midcentury lighting
Mid Century lighting and furniture, textiles Swing chair, Moroccan textiles, plant goals
Kitchen, stainless steel kitchen, copper, Smeg toaster, tile blacksplash
 Kitchen, stainless steel kitchen, copper, Smeg toaster, tile blacksplash Kitchen, stainless steel kitchen, copper, Smeg toaster, tile blacksplash
Kitchen, stainless steel kitchen, copper, Smeg toaster, tile blacksplash, boob vase, boob mug
Moroccan textiles, boho style, boho rug, Moroccan pillows
Artifact: What sparked starting Le Souk Le Souk?
Anna: My children were growing up, I was starting to find time to call my own again and felt ready for both a personal and public “rebranding” if you will.  I believe in mixing treasured pieces that you save up for and have forever with more affordable or thrifted items and that’s what Le Souk Le Souk is- a curated place to find those textile rich items that you will cherish forever and pass onto your babies.
Moroccan textiles, ethnic textiles
Reading nook, Turkish rug, layered textiles, boho home
Turkish door textile, closet closet, moroccan rug, ace & jig
Moroccan rug, vintage chair, layered textiles, ethnic textiles, pillow shams
Artifact: When looking to get inspired, where is your favorite location to travel to?
Anna: Because living in Portland can get a bit grey, to say the least, I prefer traveling to sunny places.  Everywhere I’ve been in Asia has been incredibly inspiring due to the artisan nature of textile design and the food... However the architecture and weaving in Morocco is pure magic! But really there’s inspiration EVERYWHERE if you’re open to it- especially in nature (and thrift stores!).
 Guest room, turkish textile, wall hanging Turkish rug, ethnic textiles, beautiful pillow sham
Guest room, vintage suitcases, suitcase, huipal tops, indigo, indigo mudcloth Huipil tops, huipil guatemala, guatemalan clothing, indigo mudcloth, indigo

Artifact: What is your most prized collectable in your home?
Anna: I have a collection of antique purses and clutches that were both my grandmother’s and great grandmother’s. Those are really special to me, all of the beading and silk is incredible! 
Plant goals, plants, vintage body map, vintage maps, vintage couch, Anna Margarete, Le Souk Le Souk
Vintage map, vintage body map, plant goals, sun room, plants, vintage couch, Le Souk Le Souk Sun room, office, curtains, vintage curtains, plant goals,

Artifact: Who has helped influence your style?
Anna: I supposed growing up in a little Southern, Oregon hippie town ingrained my love of flowing skirts, velvet and seventies style…but I was also in awe of my Grandmother’s perfect lipstick and pristine tailored blouses whenever visiting her in the bay area.
Le Souk Le Souk, office, sun room, handpainted wallpaper, mural, plant wallpaper, handpainted, turkish textiles, office goals
cool storage, office storage, turkish textiles, plants
handpainted wallpaper, wallpaper, plant wallpaper, Anna Margaret, Le Souk Le Souk
Artifact: What do you hope to teach your kids about style and creating a home of their own?
Anna: I believe that surrounding yourself with colors, textures and pieces that make you happy is key- I don’t keep anything in my home or closet that doesn’t make me feel joy, positive nostalgia or excitement. It doesn't matter what is trending, just follow your heart and that environment with help you to exude creativity. Be uniquely you! 
stacking dolls russian matryoshka, cool shelving, daughters room, kids room Kids room, daughters room, vintage bed, emoji, emoji pillow
Artifact: What is the soundtrack to your life?
Anna: For the past 3.5 years Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks has been spinning on our record player DAILY! 
A Frame home, vintage home, ethnic textiles, green velvet couch, plant goals, plant lady, mid century fireplace, mid century, malm fireplace
Artifact: Finish this sentence- "I am happiest when_______________________"
Anna: I am the happiest when it’s sunny out and I have my daughter’s, my partner and at least a couple of my pets on a blanket in the backyard with me!..and maybe a cup of coffee!
Anna Margaret, Le Souk Le Souk,

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