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Home Tour: Mykk Mead

September, 30, 2016

Mykk Mead Home Tour for

"Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years. There’s no how-to road map to style. It’s about self-expression and, above all, attitude."
Iris Apfel

When I think about our lead store designer and assistant manager, Mykk Mead, I can't help but feel a kindred connection between him and style icon, Iris Apfel. She's a rebel of style. She's a fashion rule breaker, a no shit taker when it comes to personal style and attitude and I like to think of Mykk that way.
Mykk mixes iconic eras of fashion and ethnic cultures beautifully and always adds his original dark spin to his look. While touring his home, it was obvious that it was a mirrored reflection of just that. Every room in his house told a story of who he was as an artist, fashion and music enthusiast and artifact collector. Follow along as we tour this enchanting abode and find out more about Artifact's own, Mykk Mead.

Vintage Trunks paired with a Kilim rug from Artifactpdx.comMykk Mead Home Tour for Artifactpdx.comMykk's Bookshelf - Home Tour for
Artifact: Why is style and fashion important to you?
Mykk: I think that everyone is always involved in fashion and style whether they think they are or not.  I went to FIT in New York, so I have a grounding in fashion and art that I hope will always be a part of me but I also think that everyone has a little bit of magic in there.  A lack of style is still a type of minimalist style when it comes down to it. Fashion and style is what you want to convey to the rest of the world. The person that you want to be 'seen' as, whether it be simplistic/minimalist or outlandish/extrovert.  I just prefer to convey the latter with a dash of Lenny Kravitz meets Steven Tyler.  It's just showing the world around me, 'me.'

a modern kitchen with original artwork - Mykk Mead Home Tour for
A: Who inspires your personal style?
M: I think that Hedi Slimane is probably my largest style icon.  All of the houses that he has been privileged to head have had some of the best seasonal turn outs, in my opinion.  He really understands that psychedelic rock high end taste that I love.  I look very forward to his next transition since his departure with YSL.  I also am very inspired a great deal by Grace Coddington and what her life has evolved into through the years as an Creative Director.  She definitely is a style icon all on her own and has really made her mark as a creative genius.  It would be a great pleasure to walk in the foot steps of either of these style icons for a day. I'd even want to feel all the same stresses and see all the glorious work they get to be surrounded with daily.

Woodgrain beauty - Mykk Mead Home Tour for Artifactpdx.comMykk Mead - Eclectic Home Tour for
A: As an artist, what is your creative process? 
M: I think for me I wouldn't necessarily say I have a process but I do have a extensive magazine collection with boxes of clippings in my work room. When I'm in need of inspiration, all I normally need to do is reference back to the magazine clippings and  mood board something up.  I definitely need my cave to be a complete disaster in order to work on my pieces.  Most of my style comes from my magazine collection and most of my work comes from my heartbreaks.

Mykk Mead - Eclectic Home Tour for Artifactpdx.comMykk Mead - Eclectic Home Tour for
A: You come across as authentically you, do you have advice for people trying to hone in on their own stylistic voice?
M: I think that the best way to be authentically 'you' would be to find a group of friends that want you to be yourself and cut the other losers out.  Snip Snip.  Then flourish in a positive manner without judgements and always try things outside your comfort zone.  Sometimes they end up becoming your favorite staples.
Patti Smith & Cactus - Eclectic Home Tour for
A: What is your favorite holiday and why? 
M: The holidays in general are my favorite.  Anyone who really knows me, knows Halloween is my jam.  Every year our 'Group' gets together and celebrates our spooky sides for a few days.  I usually have my house decorated for a few months prior.  I love all the dark beauty in this holiday. All the colors and spooks. The creativity outside of the generalized norms, is abandoned on Halloween.  I have been known to dress as a zombie even on a random day just because I miss all the real feels of October. I'll be the guy at Blue Star, casually eating donuts, dressed as a Zombie in the middle of Spring!
Music Posters and modern lines - Eclectic Home Tour for Artifactpdx.comMykk Mead - Eclectic Home Tour for
A: What persons, places and things of Portland inspire you? 
M: I think the people of Portland inspire me the most.  Their kindness and their colored hair just get at my core.  I'm just into the magic of it all.  My house is flooded with random art and pieces that I have picked up all through town.  Anything from my 2nd hand Margaret Keane prints from Artifact to my refurbished pocket door shelving by local craftsmen.  There are so many types of artists here that really have a chance to grow in this town and I would have to say that is the love that this town gives off.  The fact that you can get lunch at a Korean food cart, buy a street artists latest pop surrealism piece, then have a black ant salt rimed cocktail at the top of a sky rise moated by city stars in one day flat is just perfect.  Everything about it.
Ouiji spirit - Eclectic Home Tour for


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  • Mike has a timeless talent. Meet him in the 90’s as teenager. Still have some of his art work hanging in my home as well as my 16 old granddaughter’s room. Proud to know him for sure!!

    Ellie Cronon on

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