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Home Tour : Shelly Sazdanoff

July, 19, 2016

Step inside the home of Portland fiber artist, Shelly Sazdanoff. With thoughtful mid-century pieces and local handmade elements, this 1910 bungalow is an inspiring space for Shelly and her family. Refined and playful at the same time! The airy rooms and subtle pops of color make this beautiful space a sanctuary and a reflection of Shelly's stunning fiber art. Follow along as we tour this charming abode and find out more about local artist, Shelly Sazdenoff.


What life experiences have shaped your style and eye towards design? 

I am passionate about a well-designed space, but I am also a mother of two young children which has reminded me to be practical. I really strive to maintain a balance between modern/clean and livable. I never want my home to feel like it can't be touched. I want there to be an element of calm and for people to feel comfortable when they walk in. 

Being a fiber artist, I have an obvious love for textiles which is evident in our home. I love the patterns and tones and how much they can soften a space. 

I also used to be an editor for a home and DIY magazine. I feel like during that time I learned a lot about interior design. For example how to style shelves and vignettes. It really helped me pay attention to the details like creating space and height. Where to give your eye a rest and where to make a statement. 


Any people or artists in your life that have influenced you?

When we bought our home here in Portland, I was really starting over with decorating. I would often visit, Bri Emery's account and blog, Design Love Fest. She has a really great eye and nothing is over cluttered. Also her feed is just dreamy. 

I also really love taking inspiration from The Mod Boho feed. Tons of textiles and plants. I wouldn't say my style is quite as bohemian, but really love using it as a springboard. 


A favorite quote or mantra you lives by?

"Love your neighbor as yourself." It's a biblical one but imagine if we all did this? Our world is crazy but we can all make a huge difference by just treating people with kindness and love free of judgement or prejudice. 

 I also really like the simple. " Work hard, stay humble." I feel like humility is so important. It keeps you grounded and grateful and rolls over into how you treat and encourage others. 

How has your style changed over the years?

My style has become much more clean and minimal. I used to own an online vintage shop years ago so I was always out thrifting and searching for pieces. I would buy any vintage piece that was colorful and aesthetically pleasing with the thought of, "I'll find a place for this." When we moved to Portland a few years ago, we had to pack up everything in a 6x12 trailer so it forced us to only keep the pieces we really loved. It also gave me a chance to start with a clean slate in our new home. This time around, I really give good thought to what I put in our home and I try to support other artists as much as I can. I still have some vintage and mid-century pieces, but I am willing to wait for the right piece to come along rather than trying to quickly fill it up. So there's less stuff, but now it's quality over quantity. 



Macrame - Elizabeth McTague @elizabethmctague
Plants: @workshop.pdx
Sparkle Moroccan throw blanket- West Elm
Chairs and sofa- vintage


"Shake it up baby" Print -@thedancingpine
Black ribbed vase- @ashleyhardy
Pink half moon ceramic planter- Mimi Ceramics @mimi_likey
Wicker basket- Artifact


Bench - made by Shelly Sazdanoff
Geo Shakers- West Elm
Blue ribbed vase- @ashleyhardy
Speckled line vase- @martinathornhill  
Triangle mirrors- Urban Outfitters
Copper and rope wall hanging- made by Shelly Sazdanoff
Rug- vintage
Table- Dot and Bo
Chairs- eBay


Galvanized shelf- IKEA
Gold pot- Anthropologie
Native plant letter press print- @taigapress
Pink half moon mugs- @mimi_likey
Hug Mug and Eye mug- @martinathornhill
Cactus tea towel- @ameliemancini
Rug and basket- Artifact Creative Recycle
Honeycomb shelves - 6x6 Design @myshoesdontfit

Linen bedding- H&M

Cactus print above bed- @finelifeco
Textured pillow- Artifact Creative Recycle






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