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International Poster Pop-Up Sale

June, 27, 2018

Join Artifact for an exclusive showing and pop-up sale with Beverly Walton and her exquisite one-of-a-kind collection of international posters on Sunday, July 1st from 12-3pm.

Beverly has been collecting these graphic gems for over three decades from Africa, China, Cuba, England, Germany, Holland, Japan, Poland, Slovenia, Taiwan, and the U.S.

Meet and greet with the curator herself, Beverly Walton, and dive deep into her extensive collection and knowledge of posters and walk away with a few yourself!

Artifact: Your posters are amazing! What sparked your collection of international poster?
Beverly Walton: I would see outstanding posters in design
magazines like "Communication Arts" and wonder why they weren't available anyplace. (This was long before the internet.) And I wanted them!

Artifact: Do you travel to collect the posters?
Beverly Walton: Yes, traveling to countries and meeting designers is how I got most of the posters. Writing to people didn't work so well. There wasn't an actual market for posters from these countries so my requests were considered odd, unimportant. I wrote to a prominent Japanese designer for a year before he answered my letters, and then a visit was arranged.

Artifact: Which posters are you most drawn to?
Beverly Walton: I like the full spectrum of posters you find in a city. A catchy ad in the subway. Political demands papered on walls. Theater, festival, and movie posters. Together, they give you the flavor of a place. That's why my collection is broad.

Artifact: Can you tell us about the different genres of posters?
Beverly Walton: Like Communist Social Realism? Polish Surrealism? Asian East Meets West? Punk? Pop? Folk? Subversive?
It's all in the show. And a poster says it best, worth a proverbial thousand words.

Artifact: Do you have a favorite one?
Beverly Walton: More than one! It'll be fun to see what images appeal now. Some have been tucked away for quite a while.

Artifact: What is something important to know about your collection that might not be obvious at first glance?
Beverly Walton: I've got a herd, but posters are a vanishing breed.
Beverly Walton vintage poster pop-up in Portland.

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