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Store Tour: Maripoll

November, 9, 2017

New Store Tour with Portland boutique, Maripoll!

"Style isn't important. Life is important. Self expression is important. Freedom to walk in the shoes one wants to walk in is important. That is why style means so much to so many people." -Mykk Mead

We are so excited to introduce Maripoll to our Artifact friends! Only a few blocks away from Artifact, Maripoll is a fashion boutique brought to you by our very own Mykk Mead and his business partner Chase Hart. They have curated a magical collection of lush velvets and wild child vibes that will leave you wanting to accessorize more. As Mykk always used to tell customers at Artifact who were dying to buy an outrageously fancy dress, but didn't have an event to wear it to, he would simply reply, "where it to the grocery store!". As anyone who believe's in their own fabulousness would- and yes, you too are fabulous!
Join us as we explore Mykk's new store and discover how he envisions Maripoll's future!
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Artifact: Where does the name Maripoll come from?
Mykk Mead: When my business partner, Chase Hart, and I started thinking of names, we wanted to go with something that embodied both him, as a photographer, and myself, as a stylist.  Upon researching we ended up loving the name from an artist who is a beautiful polaroid artist and a wild stylist (among many other titles).  She was a large influence with Grace Jones, Debbi Harry, directed videos for Cher, Elton John and even Luther Vandross.  She was even the woman who created the look of Madonna's Like a Virgin album in the mid 80's. 
New Store Tour with Portland boutique, Maripoll! Solstice intimates
Artifact: What inspired the interior direction of your store?
Mykk: Plans and pieces are definitely still coming together since opening a month ago.  Our flashing marquee and Photo Booth are being custom made for us at the moment actually, something I am looking very forward to.  The store feel is just about having fun.  We wanted to steer away from the normal pale look that Portland has been seeing everywhere and just really push for bringing the 'weird' back to Portland.  We have been trying not to match but more look for pieces that play well with each other and just have that 'cool' vibe when you look at them. It really all just comes down to wild-fun for us!   A very Patricia Field (my personal favorite store when I was living in NY) feel with the hint of Betsey Johnson feeling in out iconic wallpaper that everyone keeps selfie backdropping.  Even our open sign was custom made from our favorite song, cause who needs an open sign anyways?
New Store Tour with Portland boutique, Maripoll! Embroidered fashion, booties
New Store Tour with Portland boutique, Maripoll!
Artifact: When you're not at Maripoll, what else sparks your creativity?
Mykk: Probably culture: colors, concerts, house shows, Portland street style, magazines, restaurants (oh all the food), even just random finds in amazing stores like Artifact. Things like The Flee or the drinks at Sapphire Hotel when catching appetizers with a random friend I just met on Tinder. I think the most important thing for someone to do is just open your eyes/mind and live life to the fullest.  Meet new people, try new things, and never get stuck in your ways and you'll always be inspired.  Let yourself receive inspiration from everything around you and never take anything for granted.  I'm basically very dramatic, or so I've been told by many of my ex's and I love life.  I have no intention of not soaking it up even when I'm 80 I'll hopefully still be the wild one in the room, or so I promised myself a long time ago.  Oh, and Gucci. Gucci and Hedi Slimane forever and always, cross my heart.
 New Store Tour with Portland boutique, Maripoll!
Artifact: How has becoming a business owner changed you?
Mykk: It's definitely freaked me out more than anything.  It's extremely scary being in-charge of so many little details, especially as a new business owner without a large team to delegate tasks.  Literally hand ordering, merchandising, tagging, spreadsheets, contracts, selling, advertising, social media, designing, styling shoots, and just trying to organize myself better than I used to in the past.  It also has made me open my eyes a little more for the people I keep close.  Since being an 'owner' of a store I definitely notice a change in the way I am treated by newly introduced friends and strangers.  More than anything I think that has been the hardest.  Im just a grungy band tee boy who's working hard and Im not really used to being treated any different, so this is definitely a change and I'm still changing as a person and adapting in time hopefully to take on so much.
 New Store Tour with Portland boutique, Maripoll!
New Store Tour with Portland boutique, Maripoll! Born A Bad Seed
New Store Tour with Portland boutique, Maripoll!
 Artifact: Who is your Maripoll customer?
Mykk: My customer is perfect exactly as they are!  They just want to have a little extra fun; they want to live and walk out of their house feeling like they are a powerful person in their own right, the way they want.   They are creative, forever youthful and chic with a dash of edginess that they will never let anyone tame.  They are literally the most perfect person to me in every way.  I have been loving all the beautiful wonderful people I have been meeting and who have been loving what we are bringing to SE Portland.  I guess the best reference is they are the Carrie of their circle and not the Charlotte, they have the dare to be bold.  They are re-charging my life in so many positive ways.
 New Store Tour with Portland boutique, Maripoll!
 Artifact: What are you most excited about for the future of Maripoll?
Mykk: I think, personally, I'm the most excited about the projects and doors this is going to be able to open for me creatively.  I look forward to seeing people grow, including myself, by us creating this store.  Being able to design things for the store is going to be a dream and being able to branch out creatively into other projects will be what heaven is for me.
 New Store Tour with Portland boutique, Maripoll!
New Store Tour with Portland boutique, Maripoll!
Artifact: Who is one of your fashion icons and why?
Mykk: Hedi Slimane probably is my ultimate.   His online journal is something I frequently review.  I also love the work of David LaChapelle.  Underground NYC club kids are in my heart forever and always with their super personas.  Every fashion victim in the back of Us Weekly probably as well; I love their bold attempts.  I feel like most people don't take chances and all of those 'victims' have been at the top of their game at some point or they never would have been there, being best dressed but they decided to be bold and expressive.  I look up to people who choose to not always be perfect but live/love unapologetically.  Those will forever be my icons.
New Store Tour with Portland boutique, Maripoll! Mykk Mead owner
Artifact: Why is style important?
Mykk: Style isn't important. Life is important.  Self expression is important.  Freedoms to walk in the shoes one wants to walk in is important.  That is why style means so much to so many people.  It's an outlet of self-discovery and a way to show without words who you can be or who you hide deep down when you want to show that part of yourself.  So style isn't important, it just showcases everything we are each day in and the way we want people to read us that day.

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  • This sounds like a wonderful adventure. It is apparent you enjoy sharing your creativity. I can’t wait to shop at your store.
    Best of luck to you both.

    Lisa on

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