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Artifact Adventures: The Markets of Mexico City

Join us as we step into La Merced, Tepito Market, and side street antique markets in the neighborhood of Roma Norte in Mexico City for Artifact Adventures!

Artifact Adventures: CUBA

Cuba is top. It's an apocalyptic paradise. A place where people are trying to survive everyday all while maintaining a zest for life that is incomparable. Every day is an opportunity to dance, to sing, 'pa gozar la vida', while never ceasing to find a way to “inventar” as they say, to invent, and make ends meet. Cuba makes you appreciate the simple things in life- clean water, a hot shower, access to adequate food, and the ability to make a life for yourself- things that for the majority of Cubans are not guaranteed. If you decide to make the...

Artifact Adventures: Seven Magic Mountains

Artifact Adventures is on the road again! Join us a we venture through Nevada to Ojai, Ventura, Los Angeles and San Diego California, over the next three weeks.

Electric Avenue

Step into festival season with our top Spring/Summer looks from Artifact Creative Recycle. Kimonos, turquoise, fringe and cut offs, just what a girl needs for her wanderlust adventures!