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Refresh, rejuvenate, and reinvigorate. Our online Spring collection embodies self-love and wellness because we at Artifact believe that nurturing your spirit fortifies your mind and your body. And what better time to go within and let your light shine out than Springtime. As the cherry blossoms bloom, so too does your inner beauty. By creating self love rituals like lighting candles for a long bath with hot tea, we can become energized, renewed and reborn. 


Tender Loving Care  |  Sass   |   Electric Wonderland   |   LasVegas Lights   |   Sunset Lowrider


PHOTOGRAPHER: Graham Morrison


CLOTHING & PROPS: Artifact Creative Recycle

PRODUCERS: Leah Meijer & Cora Schleicher

MUSIC: "SASS" by Blossom #WhoIsBlossom

MODELS: Anya Alexander, Nikita Price, Tess Carter, Nam Vu, Fidel Gonzalez

SET ASSISTANTS: Luis Murillo, Valerie Malcolm, Lauren Edmonds

HAIR: Logan Heard

MAKE UP: Kiana Doe

LOCATION: Portland Studios

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