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Artifact is a sustainably driven design store featuring style for you and for the home.

A coming together of man-made objects that are meant to style the home and style you. Whether you lean more towards bohemian mama, rocker chic, or modern minimalist we have curated a collection that will speak to your vision. Thrive in being you.

At Artifact we want to help you design your life, full of the style that inspires you. Be it lush carpets from Turkey or a gorgeous turquoise ring, it is our goal to help you find your Artifact and make your dream world become the reality you wake up to every morning.




Textiles. Globes. Skulls. Boots. Leather. Turquoise. Lucite. Wood.

We have a confession to make - We are OBSESSED with luscious rugs, mid-century shelving, cow skulls, globes, Huipil embroidered designs, brass cut jewelry, Pendleton everything, tooled leather, lace up boots, sequins and lucite bangles. Our style is a mash up of modern and vintage, wood and glass, turquoise set in gold.


The Backstory

Artifact Creative Recycle is literally the “daughter” store to long time Portland consignment shop Village Merchants. Started in 2013 by owner and curator Leah Meijer, Artifact was born from a lifetime of early morning garage sales learning the art of the hunt from her mom, Village Merchants owner, Marcee Meijer. In the beginning Marcee would literally bribe her daughter to come with her with an 8am hot chocolate. By the time she was in her teens, Leah and Marcee were bartering side by side comparing who found the coolest find. Now with their brick-and- mortar stores only a mere 6 blocks away, both strive to recycle the modern and vintage curiosities found in Portland, Oregon.



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3630 SE Division St.
Portland, OR 97202


Everyday: 10am-8pm
Buying Hours: 11-7pm