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Clothing Illustration Work/Shop

Join us for a DIY clothing illustration workshop, hosted by artist extraordinaire Caity! ​This class will take you through the process of drawing on clothing and making wearable art.



The introduction kicks off the main part of the workshop-- drawing on your clothes! Personal black markers and communal bins of various colors will be provided. Each attendee will bring their own clothing pieces to be drawn on or/and decorate a white fabric square provided by Caity. If the attendee would like to draw on the white square, Caity will have her sewing machine available to sew the patch design on any shirt or jacket that the client brings.

Sometimes deciding what to draw can be challenging so Caity will also provide images that can help inspire and fuel the creative minds of each attendee! There will also be stencils available of Caity's own doodles that one can transfer onto their own clothing. Caity will also describe and provide physical instructions about the aftercare process to keep one's art intact. At the end of the lesson written instructions will be provided summarizing the process of drawing on clothing as well as recommended art materials so one can keep making their own wearable art!

• When: Tuesday, November 28th from 6-8:30pm

• Where: Artifact Creative Recycle

3630 SE Division St.

• Cost: $25 per guest, includes take-home fabric pens, in-person instructions, bubbly drinks and a VIP after hours shopping experience at Artifact! PURCHASE TICKETS HERE

What works BEST:

• Material: Cotton/Linen/cotton-canvas

• Color: white or light shades of colors (no blacks or dark jean)

• Surface: smooth (drawings look best with non textured fabric)

What NOT to use:

• Silky or Satin fabric

• Fleece/furs

• Spandex

• Leather

• See-through fabric (georgette/chiffon)

• Dark colors

• Heavily textured items

• Patterned items (light stripes okay!)

Another note:

If guests do not have an article of clothing to draw on, Caity will provide a white square patch of fabric that can be drawn on ( ~ 8.5x11 square) and the patch can then be sewn on whatever they would like ( front/back of a T-Shirt or Jacket that they bring).

Custom doodle: Caity will have some pre-drawn patches for sale ~ $10

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