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Home Tour : Summer Wick

“Want better not more.” - Anthony Burrill

Follow along as we step inside the beautiful home of Summer Wick. With vaulted ceilings and an abundance of natural light, Summer's home overflows with thoughtful design and warmth.

Take a peek inside this stunning Washington home and enjoy all the beauty it has to share!

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We toured her colorful 1912 Portland bungalow, chatted about what inspires her and fell in love with her eclectic abode!

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ARTIFACT: We are big fans of Schoolhouse Electric! What exactly does your job with them entail?

SUMMER: My title is Marketing Project Manager. However that probably doesn’t tell you much, ha! We are a small and mighty team in the design studio, so we get to work on many projects. However, my main responsibility is to organize and style all new products for the website. I also produce our catalog shoots every season and head up the events team to organize brand related opportunities in our Portland store. I feel so lucky that I get to do what I love, support a company with a mission I can get behind, and work with a group of amazingly talented and kind human beings—that’s a rare combination.

ARTIFACT: How has becoming a mother changed your interior style?

SUMMER: This is an interesting question as I haven’t really thought about it in this way before, but I think since becoming a Mom I have made more thoughtful decisions. I spend more time contemplating purchases and thinking about their longevity and potential heirloom quality. I want my daughter to learn that buying for immediate gratification is not a sustainable approach. We should invest in quality pieces, whether vintage or new, that can withstand the test of time. I also purchase pieces that can withstand abuse. Kids just like to beat the heck out of things from standing on them, scratching them up, tugging at them, etc. So, sometimes it’s a balance of buying what you like versus buying what can withstand my five year old. For instance, you will never see a glass table in my house as this is just too risky.

I have also toned down my style. When I first became a homeowner I went for it, color everywhere, no joke every room was a different color and experience. I did it because I could. It was mine to do as I wanted. Looking back, I think “how in the world could I live there and feel at peace Now, I think more about what will last and choose colors and design styles that will transcend current trends. I have also added more life into our home with plants and greenery. This instantly adds to the aesthetic and are a major part of my happiness these days.

ARTIFACT: What are your top rules when adding more pieces to your home?

SUMMER: I have started treating myself like a client.   Forcing myself to create a mood board and be more deliberate about what items to add to the room. I used to be able to just the pull the trigger quickly, but it’s more of a process now and finding that right new addition. Shopping at the Goodwill is my only exception to this rule--it’s hard to pass up a good deal!

Another rule for me is less is more. If one thing comes in, one thing should go out. We moved less than one year ago and I couldn’t believe the amount of things we collected. It was a needed cleanse and I hope to stick with it.  

I also only bring in something that triggers that immediate reaction of delight. If you are debating and debating, I normally think it’s a sign that perhaps it’s just not for you. I think pieces in your home are a reflection of you and where you are currently in life, hence why people switch things out every couple of years, not because it doesn’t have value, rather it’s a different chapter of your life. Just be uniquely you and whatever makes you happy; go for it and cultivate that perfect home.

ARTIFACT: Who are your favorite 'makers' right now?

SUMMER: Maker of Jewelry and close friend, Brooke Scott, from Bluhour has some simplistic designs that are so lightweight you won’t even know you are wearing them! The materials are amazing and the patterns are on point!

Maker of wine – pinkies down award goes to the folks at Union Wine serving up my favorite Underwood Pinot Noir.

Maker of Food – Since moving to Camas, my go to’s are the restaurants started by Brad Roots;  the dining expertise behind restaurants 360, Roots and Lapellah. He has brought local, fresh and slow food to the land of fast food here in the burbs.

Maker of Clothes – I am a sucker for anything oversize and Japanese inspired. Materials, ease and simplicity in design are everything for me these days, that is why I am loving the work of Lauren Winter.

Maker of a making space – Homespun Craft School – they are offering up some really awesome classes for people to make things like macramé, embroidery, Natural Soap Making, etc. I love what they are doing!

Maker of Botanical Arrangements – Workshop PDX is killing it with her cute store front, class offerings and floral arrangements for any event!

ARTIFACT: What is your most beloved item in your collection?

SUMMER: My most beloved item is the Baldwin Acrosonic piano we inherited from the former owners of our home. They knew we had a five year old and wanted to gift us with the piano in hopes she would be interested in learning to play. This act of humanity and generosity during the “business transaction” of buying the house, was very meaningful to us. And, the best part is that our daughter has taken an interest and is on the road to learning to play!

ARTIFACT: What artists would be included on the soundtrack to your life? And why?

SUMMER: We have been spinning Kenny Roger’s greatest hits so much lately on our record player. I am smitten with the song “I believe in music”. As I think this has so much meaning. Music is unifying. You can listen to music in any language and it has the power to make you feel. I am really into old country/folk music as of late; it is speaking to me in that it’s both soulful and melodic. Perhaps that is how I want people to think of me.

ARTIFACT: Are there any websites or blogs you are loving at the moment?

SUMMER: Old Brand New has been revolutionizing the new bohemian style! – which, I am so in love with!

On pins and needles for the Flea Market Fab blog to start up – her style is on point!

I love watching Liz Kamarul make over her new RV – as I am waiting for the day we have one of our own!

Everything Katie Hackworth designs blows my mind

ARTIFACT: What is your favorite quote or mantra and why?

SUMMER: My favorite quote is “Simplicity is the Keynote of All True Elegance” from Coco Chanel. I think living a simplistic life is hard sometimes when we are wrapped up in a world where people are focused on more, more, more. But I think less is more and in this philosophy, lies peace and balance. I try to think about this when creating my home and any space I am in. It can be a challenge and living simply doesn’t always happen effortlessly, it’s a goal for me to work towards. Sometimes, I look at a shelf and I am thinking this just doesn’t feel right. Then I take one or two things off to simplify and it instantly makes me feel lighter.

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