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Lords Of Bridgetown 🏀

Lords Of Bridgetown

Lords of Bridgetown, is inspired by the film, Lords of Dogtown; 70’s vintage style meets 90’s skater with a touch of modern sneakerhead. Dive into the dopeness of Artifact’s third online collection of unisex streetwear.

We are throwing it back to our roots by featuring vintage tees, denim & workwear that best represent Artifact Creative Recycle. These classic styles are our bread and butter and have been exclusively curated to style beyond the binary.

From bold prints and straight lines to autumnal hues, these summer-to-fall styles will transition you into the new season and keep you looking fly until the end of the year. Each piece is constructed to layer, mix & match your favorite 'fits seamlessly.

We hope that these looks will inspire you to disregard preconceived boundaries of what is masculine and feminine and instead to accept fluidity and ambiguity. 

Clothing & Accessories: @artifactpdx Photographer: @cora.deve

Creative Director: @starsign.vintage 

Stylist: @smelly_schelly

Assistant: @innerspeakerr

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Quintan Barnes
Quintan Barnes
Sep 28, 2023

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