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Marie Antoinette in the year 3000

Marie Antoinette was curious about the year 3000. Will we eat orchids for breakfast? Will we be able to telephone mars? Will secrets and deep thoughts be a form of currency? These are all questions she set out to answer in the wild wild west of the future.

Artifact Creative Recycle: 2024 Lookbook:

The Team

Producer & products: Artifact Creative Recycle @artifactpdx @artifactpdxlocal

Photographer: Emily Bolles @embolles

Photo assistant: Laura Jennings @lauraljennings

Videographer: Lauren Mueller @lovebug_pictures

Hair artist: Meachell Horton @the_hair_goddess_Miami

Makeup artist: Lena Walsh @_lenawalsh

Lead stylist: Annalise Rice @annahummingbirdgirl


Shantel Dix @shantelcorinad

Darrion Parker @darrionwinters

Ilona Gerasimov @ilonagerasimov

Nedim Korkmaz @nomadicvintagepdx

Julie (Mom of @the_hair_goddess_miami)

Set Assistants:

Atiana Kuriyama @shopyeses

Cora Schleicher @cora.deve

Trini Susuico @trinisusuico

Alexah Paresi @alexahsalu

Jess Lee @jessleeeeeee

IKEA Dress Designer:

Black Flora & Fauna Couch:

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