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Rainbow Connection

Supporting local makers supports your community.

The inspiration behind our newest shoot was to honor several artists, who broke the mold and forged their own paths to success by staying true to themselves. Through their use of vibrant color schemes and unique aesthetics, each maker embodies Artifact’s “Rule Breaker, Style Maker” ideology; a theme that perfectly ties all of these diverse talents together.

Artifact’s aim in 2021 is to support underrepresented Portland artists by fostering a community of multicultural, multidisciplinary, and multi-hyphenate individuals. By supporting local artists you are directly giving back to your neighbors while also promoting the growth of small businesses. We believe that by shopping locally and small, we can create strong, meaningful relationships that encourage kinship and human connection.

List of Artists and collaborators:

Jewelry designers:


Creative Director:


Side Hustle: Angelina Crawford is the mastermind behind her aptly named ceramic jewelry company, Side Hustle. What began as a hobby and form of meditation has blossomed into a successful full-time business and boasts an inventory that flies off the shelves. Crawford’s pieces are inspired by nature and geometry and strive to make the wearer feel audacious, colorful and empowered. She hand makes all of her earrings and injects each one with an eye-catching beauty that will make you feel equal parts: elegant, whimsical, and fearless.


La Libertad: Feeling stifled in a career that lacked the creative freedom he desired, Federico Castrillon decided to leave behind a cushy gig in advertising and start La Libertad (aka freedom) in 2009. Through jewelry and textile design, Castrillon illustrates visual stories that are near and dear to his heart, and crafts each piece with a unique sense of mystery and intrigue. In this latest collection, Castrillon drew inspiration from the vibrant flora and fauna of his native Colombia. Castrillon’s creations go beyond common decoration; they imbue each wearer with an otherworldly essence and beauty that transcends time and trends.


Studio Sophia Sophia: Studio Sophia Sophia was started by, you guessed it, Sophia. Another intrepid creator who loves playing with color and shapes. After becoming disenchanted with her career in a stuffy, fast-paced jewelry company, Sophia switched gears and set out to build a brand that was completely her own. Each of her pieces are made by hand and are a loving homage to her love of patterns, retro 60’s stylings, Memphis Design, “Homemade haircuts” and of course, color! Studio Sophia Sophia’s designs are not for the faint of heart and are meant to make a statement, so only the brave and the bold need apply.


Each of our makers share a love of vibrant color and a similar origin story; they all followed their own unique path to personal achievement and creative fulfillment. These are free-spirited artists “hand-making” their own happiness by staying true to themselves and their vision. Just like Artifact’s mission, each maker is a trailblazer, marching to the beat of their own drum. These artists took their dreams into their own hands and shaped their destiny, like the materials used to build these stunning collections, by creating the future they want to see.

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