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This one is for YOU too.

To any customer who has tripped over a blue Ikea bag in front of our counter, this is for you. 

To any employee who has (almost) been buried alive by the mountain of clothes waiting to be entered, this is for you. 

The effort of creating a dedicated selling & trading room was for all of us and we are proud to announce that it is finally done!

Artifact is an organic mix of good hearted human beings doing their best to create order and beauty out of chaos. In our efforts to better serve our community, we are always trying to come up with new ideas and improve our processes. We have created a dedicated selling and trading room to improve the experience for everyone who visits the store. Our goal is to reduce stress, have less chaos and more organization, streamline the selling process, and improve safety by attempting to tame the never ending wave of Ikea bags.

More nights than not, we worked on this project past the witching hour, the time of night when magic happens. It seems that at Artifact 'magic' happens when a combination of vision, intention, lots of hard work, and pure love for what we're doing come together. 

With the help of family and friends the new buying room has come to fruition and it is dedicated to you, our Artifact community! It is our community of consignors, sellers, and shoppers who help complete the reduce, reuse, & recycle mission of the store, sourcing the kookiest and coolest finds, and deciding to shop in a way that promotes sustainability. 

And now for a few BIG thank you's. 

Thank you to my dad for showing up to help, even on Thanksgiving Day, to reinforce our front window display.  It is now certifiably "dance party" ready. 

Thank you to our friends Blas Delascio and Ignacio Castillejos who surprised us by showing up more than one night to help sand, paint, and assemble- even when their original plans were to meet up for happy hour. 

Thank you to Michelle Gonzales for designing and painting our beautiful mural wall. 

Thank you to Carley Irwin for doing a fabulous job painting the room during busy business hours. 

And lastly, thank you to my partner in all of life's shenanigans, Luis Murillo, for building the new buying counter and being there from start to finish. Luis only puts his energy into a project if he is going to do it with the intention to create unmatched beauty, flawless design, and distinct finishing that differentiates good from great. After hours of Pinterest research, SketchUp modeling, material collection, practice cuts, surface finishing, and assembling, I can say baby, you did a GREAT job and have created a piece of furniture that sparks magic. 

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