Do you pick up items?

Unfortunately, no. As of now, you’re required to bring all items you wish to sell into the store. If you have a large item please text or email photos to us, so we can gauge if it’s worth bringing the item in.

In the future, we hope to offer a pick-up service.

Do you offer delivery?

No, we do not. But we do highly recommend some competitive App services called TooBigForMyCar.com and Lugg. These services are both cost-effective and time-efficient.

Do you accept furniture?

Yes! We love furniture. We always look at all styles, makes, and models, but in general, our best sellers are modern, mid-century, vintage, bohemian, and unique items. We sell everything: couches, credenzas, nightstands and shelving, lamps, art, ottomans, pillows, textiles, and rugs! To get a good sense of what we take in the store, please visit us in person. Everything you see in the store is the type of item we take.

I have a big piece of furniture. Should I just bring it in?

For larger furniture items, we recommend first texting or emailing a photo(s) of the item before bringing it directly to the store. We cannot guarantee that we will take an item via photo — since we need to check the condition and wear of the item — but a photo gives a good sense of whether it’s worth bringing down to the store for a closer look.

Are there any items you don’t accept?

We will always take a look at any items you are selling! But in general, we don’t do kitchenware, kitchen appliances, kid’s items (with the exception of large, overstuffed stuffed animals), garden tools, or farm tools.

What are your best-sellers?

Consistent best-sellers are: turquoise and silver jewelry, modern brass jewelry, rugs from around the world, vintage denim and Levi’s, overalls, jumpsuits, leather boots, designer labels, party dresses from the ‘20s – ‘40s, mid-century modern and modern furniture, night stands, small chest of drawers, and in general, “studio apartment”-sized furniture.

Are you open?

Yes, We are open. Store hours are 11am-7pm. Buying is by appointment or walk-in.


What should I know about consignment?

Consignment is awesome! It’s a great choice for all items, but especially for higher-end, more expensive pieces. Although you have to wait for items to sell, you do make more money! On items priced $100 and under, you receive 50% of the sale, and on items priced over $100, you make 60% of the sale. Here are some key policies related to consignment you need to know: You’re responsible for finding out if your items have sold. You can utilize our free consignor access online service, call, email, or come into the store. We will gladly mail a consignment check to anyone living outside the Portland Metro area. All items priced $50 and under, and in the store for 3 months or longer, are eligible for donation without contacting the consigner. When taking items off the floor that have not been in the store for the full 3 months or are priced over $50, the consigner will be contacted, and have two weeks to pick up their items. We are not responsible for broken merchandise. In the unfortunate event this happens, the item will be marked as ‘damaged’ on the account, and the item will be disposed of properly. Artifact is not responsible for lost or stolen items that have been in the store for six months or longer.

I'm a consignor who no longer lives locally, what should I do?

We will gladly mail a check to anyone who lives outside of the Portland metro area. Please drop us a line via email, text, or call to let us know you’d like to settle up.

I make jewelry or other handmade products, can I sell these items at Artifact?

Artifact carries a select number of local and international artisan made goods. Handmade items receive a special 60/40 split, where the artisan receives 60% of the sale — but to receive the 60/40 split, items must be 100% handmade. Please send us a line sheet and link to your work for further inquiry. Our ability to sell your product depends on our current line-up, space availability, and price points.

What is Consignor Access?

Consignor access is a free online platform that allows you to see in real time, every day from home, what has sold on your account. Access happens via email — so when you start consigning, you’ll receive an introduction email, giving you instructions for login and access to your account.

I can’t seem to login to my Consignor Access, what should I do?

If you’re having trouble accessing your consigner access, please contact the store via email or phone. We can help troubleshoot the problem, and send you new login credentials as many times as necessary, so you can get your account set up!


Do you accept returns?

We accept returns within 7 days of purchase with a receipt, for store credit only. The items must be returned in the original condition that they were purchased. If an item breaks once it leaves the store, it is non-refundable. No returns on sale, discounted, or items marked “as-is”.

What is the special return policy for rugs?

We understand it’s hard to know if a rug is going to work in a space, and it’s a big investment. That is why we offer a same day, full-money-back return option, only on rugs. That said, plan your rug shopping wisely — so you have time to try it in your space, and return if needed within the same day! Otherwise, our regular return policy will be in effect and you can return the rug within 7 days, with a receipt, for store credit.


What is the $1 Funday Flea?

During the spring and summer, we host a flea market style garage sale in the alleyway next to the store where every item — no matter if it’s a table, rug, or pair of shoes — is $1. Then we donate all the profits of the sale to a different area non-profit. It’s a win-win-win for everyone! The customer scores amazing finds for just $1, the local non-profit receives funding for their community work, and we clear out old merchandise, and get to offer the service of taking donations to our sellers.

Where do all of the items in the flea come from?

All Funday Flea merchandise comes from the donations of our sellers, consigner returns that haven’t been picked up within the agreed-upon time frame, and old store merchandise.

Which nonprofits have you donated to in the past?

As of July 2019, we have donated over $18,000 to Call To Safety, Brown Girl Rise, United We Dream, Rahab Sisters, Girls Build, Xerces Society, and the list will keep on growing!

Can I nominate a nonprofit to be the $1 Funday Flea recipient?

Yes! Please send an email to artifactpdx@gmail.com with the subject line “Funday Flea Recipient,” and include information about what the nonprofit does, and contact information.

When will the $1 Funday Flea return?

Due to Covid we are hoping to resume the Funday Flea in 2021.


Want to collaborate on Social Media? (Models, photographers, events)

We love working with our community! Please drop us a line, or DM us, and share your idea.

Do you offer clothing & furniture rentals?

Unfortunately we do not offer rentals of our merchandise. We do offer our normal return policy of store credit within 7 days of purchase with proof of receipt. So if you shop at Artifact often, or do photoshoots often, this could be a way to use items for photoshoots and recycle the investment.


Can I donate things that you don’t take?

Yes! All of our donations go into our $1 Fun-day Flea, which is the last Sunday of the month during the spring and summer. All profits from this sale go to local nonprofits. During the winter, all donations are donated to a local non-profit that offers a donation pick-up service, like the ARC and VOA. We only accept donations from people who have sold with us. We are not a general donation drop off site.

How do I request a donation to benefit a non-profit?

Please send an email to hello@artifactpdx.com with your request and your 501c3 information attached. We will do our best to respond to you within 7 business days. Artifact loves supporting the work of Portland area non-profits, and focuses on giving that aligns with our mission.


Are you open?

Yes, we are open. Store hours are 11am – 7pm. Buying is by appointment or walk-in.

What safety precautions are you taking?

  • Reduced store capacity (30 people)
  • Masks required by all employees and customers.
  • All hard goods are wiped down with a sanitizing cloth.
  • Fitting rooms are currently closed.
  • Covid-19 special return policy of 7 days for full money back or store credit, with a receipt.
  • In-store social distancing reminders.
  • Contactless credit card payments are strongly encouraged. Cash, trade and gift cards are still accepted.
  • Increased disinfection practices in all areas of the store.
  • Public hand sanitizer will be available around the store. Disposable masks will be for sale for $1 each.
  • The store bathroom will be for employees only.
  • Kids under the age of 10 will need to be by their parent or guardian's side at all times.
  • All kids over the age of two will need to wear a mask

Do customers have to wear masks?

Yes, at this time all employees and customers will be required to wear masks inside the store.

Are your dressing rooms open?

Not at this time. We will hopefully reopen them soon.

How has the selling process changed?

To read the full process, visit the How It Works page.

When will Funday Flea return?

Due to Covid we are hoping to resume the Funday Flea in 2021.


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